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    I understand that it’s easy to miss that the service costs money before uploading an image, despite e.g. the “Pricing” link at the top.

    That said, it really shouldn’t take “a lot of time” to cut your image – the whole point of the app is that it takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes to get the job done.

    Most of the complaints we receive on this topic reference having spent 30+ minutes on an image. That means that either the algorithm completely broke down on that particular image (which certainly happens for a small percentage of images we receive), or the tool is being used incorrectly.

    The most common way to abuse the tool is to use the red/green marks as highlighters. This confuses the algorithm to no end, and you basically have to painstakingly paint in the entire foreground, which sucks.

    I understand that people want the tool…

    gensou ichida commented  · 

    that's still pretty scummy to not say upfront on the front page that the service costs money, and duping people into thinking the app is free when it really isn't.

    at least clarify that on your front page before attempting to defend your poor design choices.

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